Tan Camarena
I have to admit that when I did my first fitness evaluation with Stephanie I was worried. I had already been working out off and on prior to these two weeks but what became clear is I was not consistent and I was not doing things properly. The great news is after 10 short weeks of accountability with Stephanie I have more than doubled my fitness level. I have lost 9.4 pounds and improved my strength in measurable ways. All my numbers have more than doubled and it is incredible. The idea of holding a plank for more than 3 minutes seamed un-omainable and I did it! I am able to run 5k on the treadmill in 27 minutes…no problem. This feels great! Being able to do this and feel this way in 10 weeks is incredible. I am so glad I stuck to it.

Catherine Muto
Jenna has a passion for helping people get healthier and in shape. This comes naturally for Jenna and this is evident when you watch her training – she is totally focused and engaged with her clients. Jenna taught me a lot about why it is important to learn about how the body functions -knowing this helped me with my job to support clients getting started to a healthier lifestyle. Jenna gives a 100% and this was evident in her role as Health Center Director – she is organized, detail oriented and knows her stuff.

Joshua Stern
From the moment Channa enters the room its as if someone injected the room with love, light, energy and a big warm hug. Her eyes and smile will make you feel safe and warm like grandma’s kitchen with a warm cookie. All this before she even speaks. Channa is a gentle spirit who is here to help spread her amazing energy and lust for life amongst the rest of us. Working with Channa is as pleasant an experience as I can recall and she just makes things easier. If you are looking for someone calm, patient, understanding and willing to do what it takes in order to be successful, then Channa is the lady you have been looking for. When it comes to healthy body, healthy spirit and healthy mind, Channa is the first person I think of!

Cassel Miles
When the student is ready, the master will come-even if he is half your age and could, literally, be your son. Such was my encounter in January of 2013 when I walked into the King West Club and requested a personal trainer to help me get back into shape.
Enter Eduardo Bucardo-Cordero. Twenty-one years old (at the time), focused, confident, passionate and, as I quickly came to discover, highly competent.
I know about bodies and how they should work. Twenty years dancing professionally and a record-breaking, high school hurdles champion-I know what it means to be in shape. Eddy knows more.
He is a good person with a positive attitude, who is VERY passionate about what he does. That kind of passion is infectious. You want that kind of support on your side. Trust him, as I did, and you will see and feel noticeable results.

Heather Glen
It had been 2 years since I had exercised regularly and getting back into routine just seamed impossible. This 10 week program was exactly what I needed to give me the focus back. Although my main goal was not to lose weight, I did lose 8.5 pounds! More importantly I was able to maintain consistently and attainable workout throughout the 10 weeks that I can see myself continuing indefinitely! This is what matters to me. I know I have built a foundation that will last! I am able to create my own balanced program now too!
Shaving 8 minutes off my 5k run and increasing my fitness test scores by more than 150% I am happy to say I am a new, fit and better version of me! Thank you Stephanie!

Dan Steward
Jenna brings a true passion and incredible expertise into being fantastic health consultant and personal trainer. She has a unique ability to apply her knowledge and strong communications skills into working in a practical and extremely effective way with me. I have learned a great deal from her that I will use forever in my shift into a more fit and healthy life. Great attitude. Great skills. Great passion. Great results. Great experiences. Great person!

Nicole Leier
As I head into the new year I have so much to be thankful for. I have changed my mind set, my outlook on life and my body. I started this journey over a year ago at a little MMA Gym in Vancouver BC, where I met Channa. Channa was this workout queen and was not leaving me behind, no way, no how. Every day we walked together (her walk is a run) to the gym morning and night for our workouts. It was a time in my life I will never forget, it was the start of the rest of my healthy life. Channa helped me come out of the dark into the light in regards to food, health and fitness. And my check ins with her uplift my mind, body and soul. We came up with a saying over the time we trained together,”I will be in your corner the day of your fight if you will be in mine”. And this I know still stands today, as it will for life. You truly inspire me Channa.

Richard Adai
I have found Eddy to be a fantastic trainer.
Not only does he put you through your paces but he is very creative. This ranges from having me lift jugs full of water, doing running back style metabolic and isometric training, and deadlifting chains.
He is also very insightful not just in how training techniques affect different muscles but also with nutrition. He even introduced me to a beta alamine supplement that reduced muscle fatigue during my two-a-day training week.
In summary, I would highly recommend him.