Steven J. Wong

Among owning and coaching at Battle Arts Academy in Mississauga…

Filmmaker Steven J. Wong grew up in Oakville, Ontario, Canada and in his youth was a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do prior to training and instructing traditional Hung Gar Style Kung Fu, which he has been practicing since 1986.
Steven’s production background was primarily focused in the corporate and commercial world with clients such as Tim Horton’s and has revisited this industry recently with a couple of television commercials for Gatorade.  Steven’s first documentary captured the weeks leading up to the secret retirement of the 3-time world figure skating champion and 2-time Canadian Olympic Silver medalist, Elvis Stojko.

In 2007, UFC fighter David “The Crow” Loiseau approached Steven to direct, produce and shoot a documentary, The Striking Truth, chronicling him and fellow UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre. Steven followed both athletes across North America and overseas to capture their ups and downs in their careers and in their lives outside of fighting.  He was in their homes, backstage at their fights and covered their most intimate moments spanning almost four and a half years.  Everything from self-doubt to their training secrets was captured and brought to the forefront resulting in a highly emotional and critically acclaimed human story.

Steven is currently directing, producing and shooting his third feature length documentary film and second starring UFC champion Georges St-Pierre.  Steven decided to accept the challenge of taking on The GSP Story because it is a distinct change of direction from The Striking Truth and is intended to be very different from his earlier documentary movie with GSP. There is no danger of thematic overlap as the overall content and directions of the two are very different as The GSP Story is a highly intellectual and cerebral movie – one that will show audiences Georges St-Pierre’s secrets and explain why he is the Champion and so successful in life.  Steven is very excited about The GSP Story because he is incorporating the latest in cinematic technology and will break new ground in the film industry.

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