Q?What is the Eleven LIFESTYLE?

It is a lifestyle that works for YOU.  It is the process. The trial and error it takes to find your perfect lifestyle that is progressive, challenging and rewarding. FOR YOU.

Q?What does the Network Do?

This day and age everything is about Networking.  While we believe in the 11 Commandments, we come together for promotion, publicity and support for all social media platforms and business initiatives.


We agree to COLLABORATE instead of compete

We provide SUPPORT for each other in life and in business

We may have different methods and views but we always RESPECT each other

We strive to INSPIRE each other to grow

We VALUE each other’s input and express gratefulness

We are willing to un-selfishly TEACH each other

We BELIEVE we are stronger together than alone

We display complete INTEGRITY and honor our word

We choose not to take anything too seriously and encourage FUN along the way

We CHOOSE to be here on our own accounts

We always CELEBRATE each other’s successes and milestones

Q?Why this works?

Over the years Fitness, Health and Wellness methods and ideologies have evolved.  Our Network acknowledges the only way we can help everyone is by working together.  We have committed ourselves to collaborate methods, ideas and movements in order to help each person find their ELEVEN LIFESTYLE.

What works for one person might not work for someone else.  There’s no point in trying to eat like someone else, workout like the next guy or follow a video if it’s not inspiring, motivating and most importantly… SUSTAINABLE!  Stop the madness!

Come in to start building YOUR path to success!