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Perceptions of “Fitness” by Jenna Brooks, PRO PTS

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What makes a good workout? Is it the amount you sweat? How about “the burn”? Over the years I have coached so many people with a jaded perception of what makes a good workout. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve heard even Professional Trainers boast about making their clients vomit or how they couldn’t walk the next day. No wonder fitness is so intimidating!

Just like anything, we formulate associations to the experiences we have. If you have ever tried to exercise without proper guidance (or the wrong guidance for that matter) you could experience pain or an injury. What type of emotions do you think you then associate with fitness? Chances are, when you experience “pain” with fitness you’re less likely to return to it. This sets in motion the “yo-yo” effect, propelling us further from the ever so desired healthy lifestyle.

So how do we overcome the social conditioning of what “fitness” feels like? Let’s break it down to 3 Easy Steps.

Living Gluten Free by Emily Jean Hunter, CNP

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Many people are making the switch to a gluten free diet due to food sensitivities, celiac disease, or general health improvement. At first, it can seem extremely stressful and overwhelming to make such a huge change to your current diet.  However, with time it is possible completely adjust to wheat-free living and actually enjoy the scavenger hunt for your favourite gluten free meals and treats.  Read my 5 tips for people who are thinking about giving up wheat or have newly transitioned to a gluten free life.

 Detox Yourself Naturally by Dr. Cynthia Wong, NDshutterstock_86433010 50

Are you feeling sluggish and tired? Is your mood not as upbeat as it once was? These maybe strong signals that something is out of balance in your body. If your body is not be performing as it should, a detox could be the answer to getting your body in top shape.

How relevant is toxic exposure?

Each year, trillions of pounds of different chemicals are manufactured in North America. These companies release over hundreds of different chemical pollutants into the atmosphere and water. In addition, industrial plants release heavy metals including mercury into the environment. Exposure to these chemicals and pollutants has created a toxic body burden.

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 Luck in business? by Stephanie JoanneStephanie Joanne


I love a good compliment, but PLEASE don’t call me lucky.

Nothing about what I do is left up to chance. It is all very calculated. All of it. Believe me! The good news is, the best part about what I do is being able to help people (like you) manifest your luck (or whatever you wanna call it).

So you want more of that stuff called Luck. The tricks are simple:



  • Harder
  • Smarter
  • Quicker

and do it for FREE.

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