The Art of Being a POWERFUL Human Being

Stephanie Joanne- Power

Ready for a big time personal confession?

Power is something that really turns me on!

First of all, let me define what being powerful means to me. For me, power means having control. When I have power, I control what I do, what I don’t do, how I spend my time, and (most importantly) whom I spend my time with. I don’t have to be anywhere I don’t want to be or with anyone I don’t want to be with. This applies to jobs, relationships, and anything else for that matter.

I want YOU to feel this way about your life.

Here are some tips to help you become powerful:

1. Get over the idea that everyone is going to and needs to like you

This is a hard one BUT it’s true. The sooner you can accept this the sooner things will turn around for you. The most important thing is that YOU are okay with who you are. The people in your life who matter will accept you ;)

2. Network the crap outta every opportunity

This is the key to everything. If you fail to see beyond the surface of what you THINK people can “do for you,” you are missing out on major contacts and future opportunities. I’m not telling you to USE people and get rid of them once you get what you want. NOT AT ALL! Rather, I’m telling you NOT to discount anyone because everyone has their own strengths and can offer you SOMETHING, no matter how small it is. Read the full article here


About the Author

Stephanie Joanne is an established fitness personality from Toronto, Canada. Her relentless mission is to invite her audiences to a conversation which challenges our current cultural narratives. Stephanie has a keen interest in helping others build powerful brands, which she does with BrandaBuzz. Her brave Naked Truth campaign is available at

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