How Do You REALLY Feel About Your Body?

Stephanie Joanne

This is perhaps one of the trickiest topics within my world. I deal with it every day. The first thought that comes to mind is BS!

Self-perception is usually a COMPLETE DISASTER. We (yes, myself included) are a wild mess when it comes to how we feel we look. However, this is real and as much as we don’t want to admit it to ourselves, we need to get a handle on it.

I am going to share some tools and tips to help you look better by THINKING better. How? Well, as you can probably agree, when you feel like you are looking better (to whichever standards you set for yourself) then the positive momentum of eating well and working out just rolls much smoother. On the contrary, when you feel like crap… you eat crap and do pretty much nothing other than feel like crap. Here we have the dreaded rut.

I really feel that the way to get fit starts with my thoughts. If I can turn those around, my body will just go along for the ride. The quicker you are able to tell your brain to shut up with the negativity the quicker you will be on the road to success.

I know, it’s easier said than done. What’s the trick? It’s all about control. The more control you believe you have over your actions (what you do and what you eat) the more control you will have over your thoughts and then, in turn, over your body.

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About the Author

Stephanie Joanne is an established fitness personality from Toronto, Canada. Her relentless mission is to invite her audiences to a conversation which challenges our current cultural narratives. Stephanie has a keen interest in helping others build powerful brands, which she does with BrandaBuzz. Her brave Naked Truth campaign is available at

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