About Us

Our Vision

Imagine a world free from competition, judgement and a need to constantly re-inventive yourself. The reality is we face such challenges in our personal lives and in business. When it comes to our fitness, health and overall wellness, these principles and challenges remain. We can only hope that health practitioners who have chosen to facilitate and coach in the industry do so with a genuine interest to improve the lives of others. Therein lies the rub… most health professionals work independently. Take this drug, don’t do this, and you must do this.

Eleven Lifestyle was created to unite and collaborate methods, ideologies and practices for the greater good. There will never be one way for everyone to be healthy and happy, it will only be YOUR way.



We agree to COLLABORATE instead of compete
We provide SUPPORT for each other in life and in business
We may have different methods and views but we always RESPECT each other
We strive to INSPIRE each other to grow
We VALUE each other’s input and express gratefulness
We are willing to un-selfishly TEACH each other
We BELIEVE we are stronger together than alone
We display complete INTEGRITY and honor our word
We choose not to take anything too seriously and encourage FUN along the way
We CHOOSE to be here on our own accounts
We always CELEBRATE each other’s successes and milestones

Our Mission

To build a healthier future. Through The Individual and The Affiliate Program, the Network will thrive and create healthier futures. Everyone in the community will progress and succeed with their lifestyle goals as collaboration and inspiration are the core values.